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Our Latest App

Playful Wild Baby Animals


Take your child on an exciting safari adventure and get closer to the wild animals than you ever imagined!

Drive past a lion chilling on a rock or a gentle giraffe grazing on the tall tree! Be sure to keep your eyes open and have your camera ready! You never know what amazing animals you’ll see. :)


• Discover the sights and sounds of the African wildlife
• Drive an off-road, a school bus or a pickup
• A lovely little animated beaver speaks, helps and guides your little explorers
• Learn the animal names, their sounds, what they eat and much more
• Feed the wild baby animals and watch them grow
• Take stunning Photos of Animals in the Wild
• Available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Swahili (Dubbing performed by professionals in their mother tongue)
• App developed with the help of teachers and specialized educators
• Designed for preschoolers and Kindergarten-age children
• No rules or time pressures
• Play without Internet connection – great for travel or family road trips
• No third-party advertising, so you and your child are free to explore and discover the wild animals without interruptions!


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Dear parent/guardian,

Thanks for placing your trust in us and for choosing our apps for your kids.

Ours apps are designed for preschoolers and kindergarten‑age children and foster learning through discovery, exploration and observation.

If you have any questions or suggestions? Contact Us! Your concerns are our priority.

Amal Adel
CEO, KiddyApps Studio inc.